First Consultation

The first appointment takes approximately 90 minutes. During this time an extensive history is taken - including details about your presenting symptoms, as well as your past medical, psychiatric and personal history. At the end of this consultation treatment options will be discussed and a collaborative decision will be made on the most appropriate management plan. This may include the prescription of medication, medical investigations, discussions with other treating doctors or therapists and consultation with family members when necessary.

Follow-up Consultations

These visits range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the person as well as the nature of the difficulties they may be experiencing at that point in time. During this time medication will be reviewed and any new problems addressed. These sessions will also provide ongoing support and assist with the development of life skills so as to improve mental health. The initial few months of treatment can be a critical time. As such, during this early phase of treatment it’s in the best interests of patients to be reviewed regularly, at least until all problem symptoms have resolved. Thereafter, the frequency of follow-ups can be reduced to every few months (minimum of every 6 months).


Dr Jury runs a cash practice thus all payments need to be settled in full at the end of each consultation. The patient will then be provided with an invoice for submission to their medical aid for reimbursement. Patients are advised to check their benefits with their medical scheme and be aware that the full amount may not always be covered.  


Dr Jury has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Thus any missed visits or late cancellations will be charged for in full.